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Yoga Retreats

Another Yoga teacher, another Yoga school…We can hear you think. What else is new…Well, we are.

What’s different from the other teachers and schools out there? What makes Travelling Yoga School unique? Well, we do. As we are all individuals and unique human beings, that’s for sure. And secondly, the way we teach yoga across borders differs. Or at least, that’s how we feel.  

Do you……

 wish to hear the voice of your heart again?

 wish to feel what your soul is longing?

 like to experience how real yoga can become an integrated part of your life?

 have the courage to be truly honest with your self?


Then join us for a 5-day intensive Yoga retreat or 12 week course.


❌ It is not a ‘thirteen in a dozen’ relaxing, wellness retreat.

❌ We do not offer excursions in the surroundings.

❌ We won’t go out to the local bar.

❌ It is not a fitness work out (although you might feel muscles that you didn’t know you had ).

❌ It is not a holiday.

Then what is it!? Back to basic? Yes, partly. Primitive? Not really. 

We teach you...

✅ the traditional way of the ancient yoga teachings, and those bring you:

✅ self-reflection

✅ personal development

✅ body consciousness

✅ spiritual awareness

✅ enough free time to contemplate, get to know the other participants or request a one-on-one with the teachers

✅ practical information how to integrate the yoga vision in your life

✅ how to become master of your own life

You will be experiencing the first three steps (out of eight) of the royal yoga path, in 5 days, with a total of 30 hours of teachings. You will be practicing Hatha Yoga poses, in order to feel peace and quietness, to grow awareness of your physical capabilities, so you can become more you. And to start hearing your heart and soul speak again. Next to this you will receive theoretical information on the moral principals and ideals; the universal laws.

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Hatha Yoga Retreat - 5 Day Intensive

Private Yoga Retreat - Hatha Yoga

Business Yoga- Hatha Yoga

Would you like to organize a retreat in your country, please contact us.

Check the Agenda for available retreats near you.

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