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Travelling Yoga School

The Travelling Yoga School is a school that travels around the globe, and brings the ancient way of Yoga teachings to you. Our retreats are unique and will benefit your overall health.

Over time it has been forgotten that Yoga is more than just doing poses. Yoga is about gaining control over your life in every aspect. It is a systematical and scientific approach, that reveals the secrets to living a balanced and harmonious life.

The Travelling Yoga School teaches you the universal principles that will allow you to start gaining such control again. These ancient teachings are not found anywhere else in the world. 

In the offered Hatha Yoga Intensive 5 day Retreat (30hrs) you will be introduced to the first three steps (of eight) of Yoga: Moral Principals (Yama), Moral Ideals (Niyama) and Poses (Asana).

The training is just like thousands of years ago. There are many references to the classic Sanskrit literature. However you will soon notice that the emphasis lays on the exercises and the lively experience, and not the rich literature. That is because the exercises are especially important for your development.


Your health improves, you work on yourself and you feel better and better. It even allows you to make your dreams come true. 

Welcome to the Travelling Yoga School. A place where you can develop yourself, in your own pace, within your possibilities and level.

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